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Jesse Trout on Authentic Masculinity and Life Coaching

The Builders Project, Episode 3, Ryan sits down with Jesse Trout from Mindful Life Coaching.  

Jesse is the first branch of The Builders Project and we hope to explore his tree in future episodes.

This conversation visits a few different topics, starting with accountability, transitioning to life coaching, Authentic Masculinity, and finally, who helped to build Jesse.

Today's topic discussed with Jesse Trout:

  • Goals and transparency

    • Authenticity
    • Accountability and daily routines
  • Life Coaching overview
    • Curiosity
    • Who is life coaching for?
    • Coaching philosophy of holding people to be “Naturally creative, resourceful and whole”
      • Inward vs outward perspectives
      • Creativity
      • Social influencers and the root of The Builders Project
      • Inadequacies
    • Jesse’s transition into coaching (challenges and rewards)
      • The four-year process of becoming a life coach
      • Being the expert is limiting
        • Setting aside the ego
      • The ratio of listening vs direct input
        • Self-control
  • Authentic Masculinity
    • Traits to develop in young children (boys)
    • Cultivate and grow curiosity, wonder, and appreciation
    • Feelings
      • How to experience feelings
      • How to verbalize feelings
      • Counteract default anger
      • Parental influences and emotions
    • Adults learning Authentic Masculinity
    • Toxic Masculinity
    • Be awesome and love each other - borrowed from http://jimbot.blog/
    • Introducing the concept of Authentic Masculinity to high school boys
      • Creating an atmosphere of belonging and vulnerability
      • Frustration with failure and feelings
      • Not getting stuck
  • Who Built Jesse Trout
    • “A man fell down seven times, but he got up eight” vs “Who picked you up when you fell”
    • Failure
    • Our next builder - Rusty Hagenbuck
      • Tough love
      • Escaping accountability and self-pity
      • Timely mentors
      • Gratitude
  • How to contact Jesse Trout and Mindful Life Coaching

Host: Ryan Wakefield

Guests: Jesse Trout

Learn more about Jesse and Mindful Life Coaching:


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The Builders Project Introduction

We were built.  

None of us have done it alone.  No matter how fortunate or tragic your upbringing was, somewhere, someone along your path helped you.  

We are not self-made people, I believe that is a fictionalized concept that doesn’t really exist.  Sure, some of us displayed more grit than others, but at some point, someone was there to make us better, to help build us.  

Welcome to Every Day, Getting Better, and Builders Project, a podcast journey where I explore the builders from everyday walks of life who coached us, taught us, guided us, mentored us...those who built us.  

I am your host, Ryan Wakefield and I want to tell the builders stories of the teachers in small-town Montana, the coaches in Tennessee, the salesmen in Oregon, the real influencers in our lives who saw us as the best versions of ourselves, perhaps that version that we could not yet see...and then, helped us to see that same version.  

This podcast will be an adventure, starting with one guest, digging in and breaking down what made them a real influencer.  But more importantly, finding out how they have invested their time and talents to help others achieve their potential.

Every episode will be connected as at the end of each I will ask our guests the same question, “Who built you?”

Because have you ever stopped, even just for a few minutes to think about how your builder was connected to their builder, and so on?  Someone had to build them too.

Their answer, whoever it is, will then be the next guest on our show.  Or at least I hope they will be. I cannot predict the desire of the next builder in the tree, but I sure am going to try to continue the chain of builders as far as it will take me.

When the trail runs dry, a guest does not desire to be recorded or maybe has had their time on Earth expired - well then, I start again.

This time with another builder, with another tree - and the chase to discover the common links between our builders will continue.  

It is my hope that you will join me, and follow the journey.  Even better, I ask that you participate. Share with me the story of someone who built you, and just maybe, we’ll explore your story and the builders project will become about you and your tree of builders.


Jocko Willink and Leif Babin talk The Dichotomy of Leadership

Ryan sits down with Jocko Willink and Leif Babin the authors of the best selling book Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willink, and Leif Babin and has the pleasure to visit with them about their new book; The Dichotomy of Leadership.  The conversation about their new book visits a few different topics, ranging from coaching, athletics, hazing, and of course, extreme ownership.  Pick up a copy of The Dichotomy of Leadership at your local bookstore, or use this link.

Today's questions for our guests:

  • Did either of you play any athletics in high school?
  • What early lessons did you learn from your coaches or teachers?
  • What are your best practices for coaches trying to build a high performing team?
  • What is it about the message of Extreme Ownership that has resonated so well?
  • How do you view the pivot that your careers have taken post-military life?
  • What about the new book (Dichotomy of Leadership) excites you the most?
  • How would you handle situations where people are engaging in situations that are counter to your organization's ideals?
  • What do you say to undergraduates who feel that trials are necessary to prepare a group?
  • How does a 9-year-old get over his fear of riding his bike?


Host: Ryan Wakefield

Guests: Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

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Want to get better?  Visit us at https://everydaygettingbetter.com

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