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Crisis Leadership with Rob Papandrea

Every Day, Getting Better, Episode 6

Ryan is joined by Rob Papandrea as the two of them discuss Crisis Leadership.

About Rob Papandrea: Rob works as a senior manager for digital transformation at a Fortune 100 company.  Rob leads a global team of over 80 people.

Rob and Ryan met in college, all be it briefly.  Currently, we both have families with Rob’s being slightly younger than mine.  We currently live on opposite ends of the country and in two very different industries. But they both are in leadership development for our companies and community. 


  • Covid-19 current local conditions
  • One word check-in activity, and why that's important in today's landscape
  • Vulnerability during a time of isolation
  • Building trust during a crisis
  • Does leadership in a crisis feel better
  • Control out of concern
  • Observations of other leaders during crisis
  • Core Values clarification
  • Long term changes as a result of Covid-19
  • Leadership when the leader has no control
  • Character and crisis



Host: Ryan Wakefield

Guest: Rob Papandrea  -  Follow Rob on twitter @runwithrob

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