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The Builders Project - Rusty Hagenbuch

Every Day, Getting Better Podcast - The Builders Project


Every Day, Getting Better, Episode 5, The Builders Project continues and today Ryan sits down with Rusty Hagenbuch.  


Rusty was named in Episode 3 as the Builder of Jesse Trout.  Today, we explore why Jesse chose Rusty.  We also get to learn about Rusty as a coach, parent, and boss.  Finally, at the end, we get to find out who built Rusty.


  • The Hagenbuch family name (it really is bad ass)
  • Rusty’s reaction to being named as Jesse Trout’s builder
    • Tough love
    • Making the choice to give up on someone
  • Coaching youth sports
    • Potential, failure, and perfection
  • Riding home with an athlete as a parent
    • Making mistakes and athletics
    • 24-hour rule
  • Corporate Culture at Charger IT
    • Coaching approach at work
    • The Charger IT brand
    • Denver Broncos (Rusty’s team!)
  • Who built Rusty?
    • Early success in life 
    • Will Brown

Learn more about Rusty and his brand at https://www.chargerit.com/ and https://www.chargeraccess.com/

Host: Ryan Wakefield

Guest: Rusty Hagenbuch

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Jesse Trout on Authentic Masculinity and Life Coaching

The Builders Project, Episode 3, Ryan sits down with Jesse Trout from Mindful Life Coaching.  

Jesse is the first branch of The Builders Project and we hope to explore his tree in future episodes.

This conversation visits a few different topics, starting with accountability, transitioning to life coaching, Authentic Masculinity, and finally, who helped to build Jesse.

Today's topic discussed with Jesse Trout:

  • Goals and transparency

    • Authenticity
    • Accountability and daily routines
  • Life Coaching overview
    • Curiosity
    • Who is life coaching for?
    • Coaching philosophy of holding people to be “Naturally creative, resourceful and whole”
      • Inward vs outward perspectives
      • Creativity
      • Social influencers and the root of The Builders Project
      • Inadequacies
    • Jesse’s transition into coaching (challenges and rewards)
      • The four-year process of becoming a life coach
      • Being the expert is limiting
        • Setting aside the ego
      • The ratio of listening vs direct input
        • Self-control
  • Authentic Masculinity
    • Traits to develop in young children (boys)
    • Cultivate and grow curiosity, wonder, and appreciation
    • Feelings
      • How to experience feelings
      • How to verbalize feelings
      • Counteract default anger
      • Parental influences and emotions
    • Adults learning Authentic Masculinity
    • Toxic Masculinity
    • Be awesome and love each other - borrowed from http://jimbot.blog/
    • Introducing the concept of Authentic Masculinity to high school boys
      • Creating an atmosphere of belonging and vulnerability
      • Frustration with failure and feelings
      • Not getting stuck
  • Who Built Jesse Trout
    • “A man fell down seven times, but he got up eight” vs “Who picked you up when you fell”
    • Failure
    • Our next builder - Rusty Hagenbuck
      • Tough love
      • Escaping accountability and self-pity
      • Timely mentors
      • Gratitude
  • How to contact Jesse Trout and Mindful Life Coaching

Host: Ryan Wakefield

Guests: Jesse Trout

Learn more about Jesse and Mindful Life Coaching:


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